You will prepare and cook the dishes in Narvada’s kitchen. After the food has been cooked we all share what we have made. It doesn’t matter what skills or experience you have in the kitchen as all stages will be demonstrated and guidance given as much or as little as necessary.

So that you can learn the dishes you would like to, please take a look at the options – we suggest that you select one from each category. This will give you a complete range of dishes and variety of Indian food for you to cook and eat.  If you prefer just let us know and we can put together a suitable menu for you.

Channa Masala
  1. Rajma (kidney beans)
  2. Dhal (lentils)
  3. Channa masala (chickpea)
  4. Dhal makhani 
Side dish
Gobi masala
  1. Aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower)
  2. Mixed subji (mixed vegetables)
  3. Bringal (aubergine)
Paneer / Main dishes
Malai kofta
  1. Mutter paneer (peas & cottage cheese)
  2. Palak paneer (spinach)
  3. Malai kofta
  4. Egg curry
Stuff parantha
  1. Parantha
  2. Stuffed parantha
  3. Roti / chappati
  1. Garjur halwa (carrot
  2. Mug dhal halwa
  3. Kheer (rice pudding with dried fruits)
  4. Gugeya
  1. Curd raita
  2. Coriander and mint chutney
  3. Tomato chutney
Chai spices

You will be talked through how to make an aromatic masala chai with an explanation given to why some of the spices are used – as well as being delicious they are also good for your health!

The day is designed to be tailored to your requirements so if there are any dishes you would like to learn, such as the local dish sidu, Narvada is also able to show you how to make these, but there are so many we can’t list them all here!

Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 5 people.  If you prefer a private class then please also discuss this on booking.

The whole package costs 850 INR which includes all food, drinks and a recipe book (on request – please let us know on booking, if you’d like one).

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